Top Benefits from Gutter Guards

Top Benefits from Gutter Guards

Top Benefits from Gutter Guards

I think gutter cleaning is an annoying task for people like me that don’t enjoy climbing ladders. I imagined a gutter solution that can protect my gutters from damage while eliminating the need to climb ladders again. So this is what I discovered concerning the benefits of gutter covers through my research on gutters.


How Gutter Work
Before I get into why my house needs gutter guards, it’s important to understand how a gutters system works.

A rain gutters system is designed to move the rainwater away from my house with the help of downspouts. To work properly, my gutters and downspouts have to be completely free from leaves and other types of debris. When I neglect cleaning my gutters they will clog and water flow is inhibited. With my gutter full of debris and leaves the water has nowhere to go so it overflows and pools over the side of my gutters, soaking the ground around my house. This leads to serious issues affecting my foundation.

Benefits of Gutter Guards: Protect the entire house.
Gutter Guards provide a variety of benefits to me as a homeowner. A big benefit is that they can protect my home from serious water damage. As a matter of fact, debris-filled gutters can have major consequences and can lead to:
Rotting Fascia and Soffit
Foundation damage
Basement flooding
Mold and mildew growth
Roof damage, and more

By properly diverting water away from my home with a protected gutters system my home will last much longer and so will my gutter system, keeping my repair cost down.

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