Handi Boyz LLC March Home Checklist

March Check List

March is the perfect time to prepare your home for the upcoming spring season. Whether you have a few spare hours or an entire weekend to devote, there are plenty of tasks to accomplish. With the warmer weather just around the corner, it’s time to put away those winter layers and refresh your living space. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Quick Tasks

  1. Polish mirrors and table lamps: Use a soft cloth or duster to remove dust from your lamps and mirrors. This will brighten up your space and enhance natural light.
  2. Freshen up your entryway: Clear out winter gear, clean or replace your doormat, and create a designated spot for muddy boots. Be sure to stock an umbrella holder for those spring showers.
  3. Swap out winter bedding and rugs: Replace heavy winter duvets and deep-pile rugs with lighter quilts and flat-weave or natural-fiber versions.

Weekend Tasks

  1. Clean your outdoor furniture: Give your outdoor furniture a good scrub before using it for the season. Wash your cushion covers and replace any worn-out pieces.
  2. Tune up your lawn and garden tools: Take your lawn mower and clippers in for a tune-up to ensure they are in top condition for the season ahead.
  3. Clean slipcovers and soft furnishings: Have larger pieces professionally cleaned and launder smaller items at home. Hang them up while still damp to prevent wrinkles.
  4. Dust high corners and baseboards: Remove dust and cobwebs from high and low spots using a vacuum attachment or your preferred duster.
  5. Plan your garden: Sketch out a plan for this year’s plantings, including any changes to your hardscape. Start some seeds indoors or purchase seedlings at your local nursery.
  6. Get your paperwork in order: Sort through your paperwork and update your files. Gather all important documents in one place so you’re ready for tax season.
  7. Simplify your kitchen: Pare down your dishes and glassware, keeping only what you use and love. Keep a basket of cloth napkins within easy reach of the table and invest in a living centerpiece like potted succulents.

Maintenance and Extras

  1. Treat yourself to spring blooms: Spring flowers like daffodils are inexpensive and abundant this month. Add some fresh blooms to your home for a pop of color.
  2. Make sure you clean your gutters and outside drains.
  3. Spring-clean your kitchen: Clean small appliances, wipe grease and grime from the range hood, backsplash, and light fixtures, clean grout, and vacuum hard-to-reach places.
  4. No matter how much time you have, there are plenty of tasks to get your home ready for spring. By tackling these tasks early, you’ll be able to enjoy the upcoming season with a fresh and clean home.

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